Upside-Down Living Room

Living Room Alternatively

Have you ever wonder finding yourself in a world where everything is vice versa? You feel happy instead being upset. Or washing dishes, watching TV upside down …

Illusion Rooms Vilnius will allow you to try the reverse life in intricately assembled three-room apartment. In this upside down apartment you will see an upside down kitchen, a bathroom and a soft, cute sofa accommodating site.

After all, life – it’s an adventure. Every day is an adventure. Today is an adventure. Tomorrow will start the next adventure, and this life story can begin in the Upside down room.

Vaļņu iela 19-1a, Rīga (Ieeja no Gleznotāju ielas)
Tel.: +371 20 036 262

Working hours:
Every day 10:00 – 21:00

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